Way of a Gemini

Sun, 01/12/2014 - 23:35 -- jhart92


It's complicated, the way of the Gemini

Certainly a personality that catches one's eye

Sharing the beholder's personality between two 

Neither can take over in a form that's true

Choosing between that of of the light and of the darkness

Between the emotions of the joy or the ominous


Choose to aid with the light of the guardian

Or fight with the assistance of the inner demon

Cannot be described as good or evil, neither

They merely share the reflection staring among the mirror

Split in two, but always together as one

A constant war in which neither has won


Even in quarrel, they stay hand in hand

When necessary one is called forth at the beholder's command

In happiness, joy and bravery, the guardian is called

In anger, fear and sadness, the inner demon is called

But both play the role in being a shield of the soul

For one's heart needs protection by both as a whole


The beholder cannot choose one side of their Gemini

Because the two come together as one without deny

When darkness and light come together in one host

One aids as the other lies in the shadows, waiting til' needed most

Complicated until comes simplicity, that is what may truly lie

In one's life who lives the way of a Gemini

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