The Wax Girl

What must it be like

To have flesh and blood

Like the girl that I reflect

Rather than pure wax.


The girl who gave me a face

Who inspired my life

I never knew her

how am I supposed to be her?


Am I more or less?

perhaps I am a shadow

who took a greater brightness?

A reflection that doesn’t follow


Who could love a shadow

or a reflection, nothing more

She was a living thing

And isn’t that my purpose?


Can I create an original beauty

An honest life

Like no other

out of only my wax self?


This false skin is so stiff

What life can be gained

when own lungs

can’t even expand?


That’s the lucky thing I suppose

about wax, yes now it’s hard

but add a bit of fire

and it changes the equation.


A little heat is all I need

To create a new life

Bright and vibrant

To be born again.


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