Waves Of Love


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When things seem like they're going great..

They're really rotting.

All that glitters sure ainr gold.

Any "great" thing is to good to be true.

Like love...

It could seem perfect!

But as soon as yo're hurt

It's like you've died.

But instead of resting in peace..

You're resting in pieces.

Love is the most frightening four letter word.

It blinds you.

Makes you do crazy things.

For What?

For a person who doesn't deserve it..

For a person who's just using it as an excuse..

For a person who just abuses it..

Misuses it.

At the time they fail to realize

That love is nothing to play with.

It can effect your life in the most mysterious ways.

That's just the ways of love.


Keaskia Thompson

January 20, 2013

This poem is about: 
Our world


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