The Waves of Life


Peaks of good and bad

Patterned patches of plaid

Life clenches us in its hands

We must pay for what life demands

For if we do not

LIfe will leave us out to rot

It can loosen its hold

Or suffocate us cold

We must cope with the wave

We shall not become its slave

Mentally some may not survive

Like male drones in a bee hive

However, some will rise

Unfazed by life's white lies

I will beat this

I will deny depression's kiss

I will learn

Now life it is m y turn

Guide that inspired this poem: 



Conjuring some of these ideas assuaged the emotions I was feeling at the time. Though the vocabulary in my poem isn't verbose and elegant in nature. It is concise and pinpoints what I am really trying to express.  The message within my poem is that life has ups and downs, and that we must all cope with the lows and take advantage of the highs because life is volatile and we must understand before we begin to sink into this state of self pity. Which is like a inescapable hole that can entrap us very easily. My favorite part of this poem would have to be the  "Patterened patches of plaid" which creates a mental image of every other little square being different from the one above and below it. I really enjoyed writing this poem. Hopefully, the people will too. 


We never know how the tide will change. I really love this poem

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