Waterfall of Sweet Nectar



I don't care about
how your lips look like
but for me your pink lips are
unending waterfall of sweet nectar
that I wish to suck to quench thirst
of my distraught mind
I wish to fall asleep
on your erotic lips once and for all
to enjoy the delight of ambrosial falls
being your honeybee,
I wish to collect blended pollen grains
from wonderful buds
that god has planted on your lips
I wish to bathe in this waterfall
that carries sweet intoxicating drink
Elixir, a magical and medicinal potion.
guarantees to induce our true love
spirituous liquor produced by your carnal lips
endow my mind and soul with
a feeling of freshness and coolness
I wish that I were lost
in the sweet paradise of your magnetic lips

(By Kishan Negi)

This poem is about: 
Our world


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