The Water Suns

They came floating down The River Wilson, their final destination Lake Walt.   I stood by the bank, as a small child.   What were they? I could not even imagine.    My mother said, they came from heaven.   My grandfather said, they fell from Apollo's Chariot.    My town, of Wintercrowne.    Said they are, fallen stars.    They glowed, persimmon and chestnut.     I dubbed them, Water Suns.    I did not dare to touch them, for they were so serene.    On The River Wilson, they moved like a graceful snake.    On Lake Walt, they formed a wall of light.     Protecting us, from the cold, black night.     What are the Water Suns? I could not tell you.     But when I grew up, the Water Suns never came again.    Now I stand by the river once more, wondering.                 Did I cause the Water Suns to leave....

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Our world


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