Without it, life is nothing but illusion.

No conscious in the cosmos.

Forests cannot be animated,

they remain barren wastelands.


A bountiful fruit,

that practically engulfs Earth,

lets the fish breathe,

and quenches humanities’ thirst.


Wash away the impurities.

Cleanse my body.

A sweet mother’s caress

sustains me. Emotionless.


Embraced by its cool touch,

I’m free.

Does gravity exist?

I can move in any degree.


A never-ending cycle of replenishment,

to reach all in need.

From the tips of mountains,

To the dips of valleys.


The ally of all life.

To make grass greener.

A peaceful rain soothes

the most hateful demeanor.


Pouring from the sky,

and seeping through the cracks,

the Earth takes a sip,

its creatures rejoice and relax.


Life is simply breathtaking,

and water gives lungs air.

Our existence is amazing,

H20, my originator, I am praising.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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