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Water is amazing.

So powerful and full of energy.

Whether it's the ocean or a stream or even the water you drink at home use to take a shower.

The ocean.

So strong and unmoving.

You can see it's greatness and smell its power.

As you dig your toes in the sand and the waves scuttle towards you as if to kiss your toes and thank them, for all they do.


Or a waterfall.

Even just a small trickle when the ice melts off your roof. it makes you feel so alive and yet so small. you feel changed.


Or even just a simple shower.

The water drags itself down every inch of your body.

And soaks up all your fears, anger, and leaves you with a clear mind and sometimes, somehow, a clear conscious.


I don't know how it does it. But it makes you feel so alive and powerful and so small and helpless at the same time.

You drink it and you feel unstoppable.


I have always loved water.

My mom calls me a mermaid.

To those who don't like water i ask


It's so empowering and energizing

and an amazing part of nature.

Water is freeing.

Water is hope.


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