Watch Your Words

People are shady,

Their souls unclean,

Behind your back

They'll make you bleed,

Talk and snitch,

When you think they're your friend,

Just wait,

You'll see how it turns out in the end.

Murderous and hurtful,

These kids only tell lies,

They are the bullies,

Their numbers quickly multiply,

But no one knows why.

Something needs to be done

Before more people get hurt,

See what difference you can make,

I promise you won't go berserk.

You should be enraged, angry and mad,

But these are the feelings you must take

And channel them into change,

See what type of difference you can make.

You may just be one person,

You may think 'Oh this will never work!'

But for one lonely soul,

You're the renewed hope.

You may save a life,

And just by sticking up for someone,

You could take away their strife.

Bullying is an ever present issue

That's not going away,

But by sticking up for one lost soul,

You might just make their day.



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