Watch Me

Wed, 02/05/2020 - 20:44 -- KimP8

When one ponders on the word,


Images of

Sparks, fireworks,

Laughter, cheer,

And gleaming bright lights

Come to mind.

Oddly enough

I sometimes see

Lights that blind me,

And hear

Jeering and guffawing

At my mistakes

As I am put into the spotlight,

Center stage,

In a play where I know no lines.

The Play of Life.

Everyone is watching

But I am learning.

Many people like to believe

That this play we all act in

Is perfect all the time;

A place where

Challenges are unheard of.

But the reality is

That the audience may have

Contrasting opinions and harsh criticism

To a play they don’t know the ending to.

I get inspired to learn from failure

To better myself each day.

“She’ll never become anything!” some say.

Oh yeah?

Watch me.

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Our world


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