A watch and a laugh

I'm the last person who should give out advice but I'm glad you asked.

So often the person we want is not the person we need.

But that's fortune cookie rhetoric, stay with me.

Newsflash! Love songs lied to you.

Every rose has its thorn but there are other flowers, moron.

If you still haven't found what you're looking for don't be so damn picky.

Fools rush in? No, fools rush away.

But I didn't.

I knew very early. Cliche alert. Sound the alarm.

The hardest time to sound poetic is when you're writing a poem, by the way.

I have an idea

Love: adjective (ləv) - When the thought of someone not being treated how they

deserve is too much to bear. It better be heartbreaking.


For the first time, it wasn't about me.

It was about a pink wristwatch permanently attached to her wrist and firework eyes and a laugh that made me feel whole...

A long road traveled to find her,

A journey I'd make a million times more.






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