Watch from Afar

I raise up my sword
I lay down my dreams
Captured without word
Free falling, it seems

You drift from my life
And leave behind scars
No knowledge of strife
Or mem'ries that mar

You go on in bliss
Not knowing I watch
That childhood I miss
That romance I botched

She rests in your arms
Tears dew my cheek
I fell for your charms
But ne'er did I speak

Fight feelings I must
This cannot go on
Be loving or lust
Emotions too strong

I always will miss
But musn't desire
The warmth of his kiss
This slow-burning fire

I long for him still
But his hand holds hers
And for final kill
"I love you," he purrs

My heart misses time
It's sinking down low
He'll never be mine
He never will know


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