Wasted Years

Years fall behind with patience wasted

And the young don’t see through the broken glass

Only until the climax of guilt from being blind to it

But we do accept the dwelling after the wasted years climax


The gnawing mother love we deserve is deceived

With only painful regrets to the ‘good times’

For when abandoned the glass is clear but still broken

We learn to be deceived, the regretful love we deserve


Addition is where we attain our destined arrival

And the befuddled process is processed

Without the lasting prayers we will be long lost

Our frightened goal is being found when departed


We don’t have the sight to see our own aching agony

Seemingly and dumbfound that we compared, have it easy

Prior to wasted years of wait become breathless

We were the ones bleeding from the torture of years wasted

This poem is about: 
My family


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