" was that you at the


" was that you at the speaker?

You sound white!"


Im sorry, you mean I have manners

and condusct myself if a manner that's 



"But why do you talk like that?"


Because my mom wanted me to talk proper

by habit not by force

so that I'd slip up on a day that's 

important to me


That slp of the tounge might be 

what puts me in the same league as you

and those girls you talk to.

Which is why you way,


"I really like you,

but you gotta get a little more hood in you"


If you like me so much

then why does it matter?

Did you think of how much you'd 

you'd like me after?


Because I'm not those girls 

you usually talk to

I'm not one of those, "Bad Bitches"

With swag and attitude


No I'm cute and quick witted

And that's not something

I'm willing to change

Because it worked just fine before you


"But you're BLACK"

"No, she's an OREO"


But that creme filling is my 


you may think it's dry

but I dont plan to change a thing


"Why do you hang with that white girl?"


How is it your buissness?

Are you mad because I'm not

one of your minions

changing myself yo fit your opinion


Because I dont beleive

the color of my skin should determine

my tone of voice, my sense of humor,

or the company I keep


So yes, I am the girl at the speaker

I do speak proper english

and the last time I checked

it will not effect the quality of your food



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