Was it worth it?



I don’t understand. Can someone please explain? Why test scores and grade averages are more important than individuality?

  Why teachers, and parents, and everyone shove their opinions down our throats. Are we not allowed to think for ourselves? No, no you would rather have something more controllable, like a coat. 

Our whole lives we were raised on the thought that school is a religion and to get into heaven you must obey. To never have thoughts or opinions outside the normal social realm. That you are a incompetent moron if you don’t pass the FCAT, SAT, ACT, EOC and there is no other way.

  But this belief has turned extremist and in this church they preach hate. This has caused kids to grow up blind, these kids never get to see how important they are, how amazing their uniqueness is. They are hostages in their own minds.                                        

But their minds aren’t always a safe place. You are your harshest critic and every bad thing you are told is repeated 50 times worse in your head.                                        

 So these kids our pushed through schooling passing as much as they can till one day they decide that they've had enough of failing everyone and lay themselves to bed.       

So, how much blood must be drawn before understand. How many unconfident and sad people must rise up before something is done? Although I have not experienced much in my short 17 years, I know for a fact that you are much more than your ACT, that there are better challenges to be won.

And I wish that I could tell everyone what I know now and I wish I could share with everyone how I feel.

That your intelligence, that your worth, that your classification as a human being should never be determined by a score.

So the next time you get your report card or your test back remember its no big deal




My favorite part of the poem is the fact that I wrote it for myself. As a daily reminder that I am not a number. I'm not a test score, I'm not my friends on facebook, I'm not the weight on the scale. That I am worth so much more than I give myself credit for. I know so many others feel the same why and thats why i choose it for my entry poem. I want everyone to know that their flaws make them who they are and are never something to be ashamed of.

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