The Warped Mind of a Pseudo Leader

Is this what superiority means, what leadership means?

Acting out while placed in a higher position? Acting like a whiny bitch when one minute thing goes awry? Acting like a spoiled brat who thinks he's lost his toy, even when he owns the whole world?

They falsely believe that they (of all people, they​​​) were the ones in the inferior position, that they are not the entitled elitists that everybody believes they are, that everyone has become to hate. They pretend to don peasant clothing, yet they slyly hide their marks of royalty, of authoritarianism. 

They boast their power, their leadership, their aloofness, yet when someone imitates them, like an apprentice imitating their master, their idol, they turn around and deny them that chance. "Only me! Power can rest in only me!"

The hypocritical minds of the spoiled rotten children we call leaders, guides, representatives, heads: they are the ones who will ruin, who will destroy the next generation. 

They tear down the psyches of the ones directly under them to elevate their egos, those already swelled with hubris. 

They pretend to be better than the plebeians that brought them up to the level they set their thrones on now. 

They think of themselves as gods.

Yet in reality, in the ways they ignore the demands of the ones who call to them most, to answer the calls to benefit their selfish wants

In reality, they are worse than devils. 


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