Sat, 12/16/2017 - 05:47 -- LeQol

Bulletproof, she's just something you can't break through

Cold as ice, don't get too close or you'll get frost bite

She's fine china, with a wall around her you'll never scale

But inside so fragile, life and words have made her frail

She's a mighty warrior, her strength and mind they are her sword

She's a great assailant, her words and wit will leave you with gores

She's been tested and tested

Diseased and infested

With the viruses and parasites of broken promises and lies

And impromptu goodbyes

And now she'll deny

Feeling anything good inside

She'll tell you everything soft has died

And she'll continue to hide

Behind this well constructed facade

Because feeling is too hard

Her heart is too scarred

Her past is a prison and she is the guard

The bad memories that have kept her company for so many years

She's best friends with her agonies and fears

She's a warrior, but she's alone

Even though it doesn't really seem so

The problem with being friends with the darkenss is you can't see the lifeline dangled before you

Many a lifeline has come in her lifetime

But she's just afriad that they'll all go away.

So she sits alone high up I her tower, safe

Abandoned and scared, a voluntary waif

A childhood of disapproving words thrown her way

Has left her with nothing much left to say

She's a warrior in an army of one

Her armour is songs unsung

If only she's let herself be undone

She'd be the person she was meant to become

She is a warrior. She is my friend.

How I wish she would just let this war end.








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