war zone

All these walls seem to hear lately
are words yelled and shouted
doors slammed and feet stomped
louder and louder
until silence trembles in fear
and refuses to come out of its corner

These halls that once knew children's laughter
are all to familiar with their grown up tears
locks bolted in an attempt
to keep everyone
and everything out
because that will solve it, right?

Words flung back and forth like missiles
the air is alight with their fiery tails
slowly burning through the bonds of this family
because these words fall on ears
that have built strong walls 
to keep the hurtful ones away over the years

When darkness falls and all the soldiers sleep
one that had kept to himself to weep
stirs and wakes from his broken-hearted slumber
and these walls so used to muffling loud sounds
just do their job again that night
so none will know til morning of their fallen comrade


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