The War Torn Men


This is the dead land

            We live as we dream--alone...


We are the fighters.

We are the lonely ones.

Our mission binds us together,

Yet tears us apart.

We board the plane to our destiny,

One by one entering into a new world.

One by one securing our fate.

We are the warm hearted and the brave

We are the internal cowards.

Scared, we fight.


Ring around the rosy

Pocket full of posy,

Ashes, Ashes,

We all fall down.

We don’t know to run or to stay.

We don’t know who will be the fallen.

Gun residue and blood scattered around.

We are bound to the war torn battlefields.

The blackness dims our thoughts.

Our minds become vacant.


We are the war torn men.

Back to the promise land we go.

We killed for it,

And protected it.

Into the arms of our families,

The smile absent from our faces.

The world spins around, And around, and around

We are the fighters,

We are the pain filled bodies,

We are the lonely ones.


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