This War of Mine

Mon, 01/02/2017 - 23:41 -- LJLange

The day has come

no turning back now.

I must end this now

for I grow tired of pain.


Seeing faces of those close

as mirrors I suppose

reflecting nothing but hate

showing I'm nothing if not lost

and there is no help for me.


I know these are lies

from the master known as my mind

The culrpit of deception.

An evil that must be ended.


I've tried with all my might

and have drained all of the fight.

For the bombardment of words and lectures

sending me retreating into my hole.


I feel my war is lost

Almost as if it is time

feeling myself surrender to the bastard upstairs.

I hope for pity

But this ain't no fairytale.


My brain and I know that.

So I lay myself down

preparing for the moment of truth

feeling a sense of serenity.


I awake.

The pain and suffering refuse slumber

my arch-nemesis laying confused

I have taken a chance.


This war of mine

it won't end.

But the chance of a cease-fire

means all the same to me.



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