War - Invasion of Ukraine

Did you hear about? 

Have you heard? 

I have seen the news on the Tv

about the war that is happening. This is bad. 

War it means the destructuon of innocent lives 

War means tears 

Tears to thousands of mother's eyes when their sons go off to fight 

And lose their lives 

War what is it good for? 

Absolutely nothing

It ain't nothing but a heart-breaker

The thought of war blows my mind

War has caused unrest 

Within the younger generation

Induction then destruction

Who wants to die? Oh

Oh, war, has shattered many a young man's dreams.  Made him disabled, bitter and mean. 

Has shattered dreams of many people 

Life is much too short and precious

To spend fighting wars each day

War can't give life. It can only take it away. 

Peace, love and understanding, tell me. Is there no place for them today?    





This poem is about: 
Our world


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