The War on Black Love

A fallen flag can't stop me from falling for you.
Even after all the discrimination and racism I still find myself proud to be called an American.
A relationship is a two way street and my love so far has been one sided.. and your hatred for my skin tone has been one sighted.
I guess right now that's why we're divided.
Our history doesn't start right now, it goes back 400 years of chasing your dream. You never shared your dream with me.
In fact my brother had to make up a dream himself.
You said my love for you is colored. But black is dark.
You met my parents.
You referred to them as apes.
You scheduled a date but left me and my brothers hanging.
You are the person of my dreams but this version of you will always be in my dreams, because I wake up to nightmares, the nightmare of you never matching the loyalty I've tried my hardest to show you.
You damned my soul to hell
But when I made it to heaven you let me hang outside of heaven's gates.
When I knocked you told me "to hang out on heaven's gates."
When I tried to get in YOU hanged me outside of heaven's gates!
I built you up off your forced will
You broke me down for the thrill.
I cried the rivers you drowned me in.
I fertilized the dirt you threw on my name,
I planted the trees you hung me in.
But yet, you still don't love me.
The only time you attempt to be intimate with me is on the shortest month of the year.
Why is there a month for that when my love is here every month.
With the 365 days I spent trying to make you love. I learned to love myself.

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My country
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