A War Against Sin


Los Angeles, Ca
United States
37° 5' 24.864" N, 95° 42' 46.4076" W

I always wondered
About the world
We live in;
Palm trees and tress
Looked of descent
In olive branch beauty
That remind me of such religions
But because
I am Christian ?
Yet constantly
Get ridiculed
For serving a God
That is invisible
In outer appearance's
In heart's and minds of men
He keeps me functioned daily
With his holy essence
I still praise him
Why do we promote hate?
For humans
Who breath
The same air as us
Is it that religion
Separate us
From what matters most
Love, peace, joy, long suffering,
Humbleness is what
Should be aimed for
But turn around
And cut
Those in similarities
Because are blood line
Runs deeper then
Complexions of skins
To resemble nature
I refuse to hate
On another religion
All I wanted
Was to congratulate
You on your success's,
Eye to eye
Always block the messages
I had to send
But you are just
A high tech quality
Phone on a blocking list,
No one
Wants to respond
I am just
Another Buddhist, Christian,
Catholic, Atheist, Mormon,
Jehovah's witness....
My soul Cries out
For love
In one another
We Will be united

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