A War Against the Plague

Sun, 11/03/2013 - 16:51 -- hebaird


A great illness
besieged our childhood.
It marred our curiosity
And murdered our passion.
Memorize, it whispered seductively in our ears,
Learn like us, or fail.
It was the classic sink or swim-
Can you do it?


Conditioning us for standards,
Not for creativity,
the illness seeped into our wounds.
Memorize, we repeated back,
the light stolen from our eyes.
Learn like you, or fail.
It was the classic brainwash-

Would we ever know?


Long days and long hours
devoting ourselves to it,
the illness finally settled deep in our bones.
You are mine now, it snickered at our back.
Completely, I own your life.
We agreed listlessly, accepting our cruel master.

We were the classic slave-
Could we ever leave?


A professor stood looking over a sea of zombies,
each plastered to their books.
So devoted to facts and tests, they finally lost
the spark of passion that started their journey long ago.
Sadness filled his heart as he spoke to his class.
Think, he growled at his students, hoping fear would once again inspire a reaction.
Even fear was better than this.

Undoing the years of damage
traditional learning techniques instilled in each student
was a lost cause.
The disease took hold and held them captive, convincing
them all that this was how it always was.
There was no magic, there was no hope.
And each would serve it well.
But one martyr stood with a purpose.
Remember your passion, he cried for the masses,
And your creativity, and your dreams.
Realize your potential and take it back.
The time to fight is now.
It was the classic do or die-
It was an all out war.
If we took this leap of faith
Could we make it out alive?


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