This is war

I declare a war, that has been necessary since the beginning of time,

a war that has been put on hold for far too long. 

A war that is without physical and seeable death,

but full of pain and sorrow.


I declare a war, one that has caused way too much conflict already

a war that since the time of Adam mankind has been losing.

a war in which many people are not fighting even though they are enlisted

many don't fight because they have the right of freedom not to.


I declare a war on the thing that is causing the problems we face today;

the corruption in politics, the inhumanity of ISIS, the world hunger.

These have been the products of lost battles in this war,

The war and sin that we have to face every day because we are not fighting the war.


It is time to take up arms!


We must declare a battle against the wrongs that we face today.

How can we fight this war if we are not properly armed?

Take up the Bible and use it to slay the lies that we face every day.

This is how we win this war


We must fight for the weak that are not strong enough to stand for themselves

and think self-lessly so we can begin to understand what true world peace is.

God is the only way to fix this broken world and heal it from its illness.

This is how we win this war.


We must lean on God to begin to get the strength

to fight Satan and his fallen angels that try to destroy us.

God will help us if we ask him and believe in him.

This is how He will win this war.





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