A War

Fri, 10/19/2018 - 08:56 -- iefoni

There’s a war goin’ on…

I’m not referring to
Wars overseas,
Or in third world countries,
I mean right here,
On our streets where
Folks are on their knees,
There’s a war goin’ on…

See, kids get exposed to crack and dope
Everyday at school,
We got 12 year olds transporting,
Becoming some thug’s mule
Because they look up and see guidance,
Find a role model
And think it’s cool,
But maybe it has to do
With them going home
To a father who’s playing the fool,
Dropping those jewels and tools used
To show the world can be less cruel…

See over 50% of fathers,
Jump ship early,
Forcing young boys
To be “the man”,
Our little princesses
To cook before they can stand,
We’re starting families with no plan,
Feeding the devil’s appetite soul by soul,
Until another neighborhood
Becomes a village of the damned…

Now I watch the news,
The horror stories
And one sided opinions,
Right there in prime time
Aimed right at your children,
Like they really need to see all the
Bloodshed and killing,
Fearful and mourning civilians,
Scandalous villains,
Extortion and laundering of millions,
Isn’t it possible these young minds
Absorb like sponges,
To become criminally brilliant…

In this “beloved country”,
The CIA has already trained foreign terrorists,
Now our own media filters negativity,
Yet they’re classified
As specialists,
Well where’s an interventionist,
I don’t think our government is getting this,
We’re letting this
Get out of control,
Because the next generation
Will have to maintain this globe,
Put inevitable wars on hold,
Refrain from letting nuclear warheads explode,
But how can one succeed,
If they’re destined for life on parole?

The sleeper hold
We put them in
Is submissive,
It damages the part of the brain that's
Used to make a choice,
So now they grow up with guns
Never realizing they had a voice,
Are like magnets,
Brainless and senseless
Yet rendered relentless,
And where else does a kid turn
When he feels defenseless and,
There seems no other answer,
Issues keep piling on issues
Forming the root
Of society’s cancer…

And every generation needs to take
Some responsibility,
That way kids don’t have to say
“mom, did you know your cigarettes killing me”,
Are ya feeling me?
‘cuz I’m showing how
Shit runs downhill,
Don’t let pressure get ya,
We all have our own free will,
And passing poison through the gene pool,
Is just as easy as flipping a bill,
Might as well just feed your kid
That first pill…

We’re running in a circular path,
There’s no break in the circuit,
But we do it blindly
‘Cuz we can’t look in the eyes
Of our grandchildren’s children,
And say it was worth it,
Truth of the matter is
Humanity doesn’t deserve it,
We’re all blessed with life on this planet
So ask yourself,
“What can I do to preserve it?”

‘Cuz there’s a war going on out there for real,
People are struggling,
Fighting for a meal,
Forced to rob and steal,
Using drugs not to feel,
Like life is so surreal
They can’t reveal what hurts
Just conceal the worst
And the picture painted on the outside,
Looks ideal

We’re dealing with life here,
We’re dealing with destiny and fate,
Every day we face and feel hate
When reality hits
And another child is
Behind yellow caution tape,
Oh, now we’re irate,
Now this causes debates
Over how we degrade
And desecrate,
But when do we pull together,
To save what we create?

Cuz that war out there is real,
And it’s burning like the sun,
Casting shadows
Of a dismal one,
So let’s slow our role,
Count our blessings,
And never forget where we came from,
Cuz there’s a war going on…

But I’m not gonna end my piece like this,
I’m not gonna stand here
And pump my fist
While you reminisce
In a mist
Of sadness,
And horror…

I wanna let you know
Solutions are within all of us,
Hiding in community centers
And after school enrichment programs,
They’re embedded in positive music
As well as
Sharing a joke and a smile,
Filtering down
How to be versatile
When communicating to others,
Appreciating mothers brothers and lovers,
And how about turning off the boob tube,
Sharing a hand in hand walk
And heart to heart talk
With someone you care about…

Peace in our communities,
Can be achieved when we recognize
Our own demise

Please, I beg

Just open your eyes…

Cuz there’s a war going on…

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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