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Boom! An explosion of pain comes across my face, 

Tasting streams of blood, the taste of disgrace. 

I want to close my eyes to get away from the fear, 

But I can't let go now because I know my dreams are near. 


I get up and try again! 


Boom! Another explosion catches me unaware, 

People bashing me, cussing me out, throwing things at me, 
 and just to top everything off my family doesn't care. 

I'm putting up a fight with words of bullets, 

Trying to keep my guard up not caring who the bullets hit. 


I’m not falling again! 


Bam! I cry out screaming for help 

But no one is around, I'm all by myself 

The depression is taking over me and now I'm on my knees 
 Screaming "GOD can you help me PLEASE!!!" 


I'm falling back slowly! 

Plop! I fall on the ground stuck, not knowing what to do, 
 The world is killing me and I know this is true, 

 I'm crying in my heart, but mad on the outside, 

then some people came over me with a gun 

saying their names were Challenge, Fear, Depression, Loneliness, and Failing 

I know my chances of making it big were all gone. 


My life is coming to an end. 


Bam! The bullets miss me by an inch or two 

I get up fighting each one, taking their guns, and still not knowing what to do, 

I hid the guns where we both couldn't find them 

But I had a flash of hope saying it was my time. 


It not over yet!


A bright light comes across my face and there were people in the mix of it, 
 Their names where Rising, Goals, Hope, Acceptance, and Happiness 

I thought they would never come, 

That moment I knew I wasn't done. 


I'm standing tall!


I know I will see those bad people again someday, 

However, I know that the people that saved me will have my back along the way. 

This is the war I go through every day, every month, and every year, 

But I am not stopping at nothing when it comes to my career. 


I'm thriving! 


I am going to beat this war rather people like it or not 

I am going to keep working until I reach that number one stop! 

And even then, I'm not stopping at nothing, 

Making history always accounts for something! 


My war! 


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