October 30,2014



Now tell me why we always war against our own kind ? It's like we're killin' our own brother instead of helpin' each other grind. Excuses excuses but the real reason is hard to find. I'm so tired of seeing another nigga dead because of his own kind. Or .. another brother doin some time for the foolishness of our minds. I'ts time that we climb . Take a step into the dream that we left behind. The one that King fought for and said that blacks would have the power to help each other strive. Let's get it right and take these vales up off our eyes, and reaLIEze the lies society has put inside our minds. Let's love our brother as we love ourselves like the Bible implies. Let's have each other's backs instead of being the one stabbing from behind.  Come on & Let's give the world a big surprise...where we all join in unity and fulfill the dream that Parks once visualized. Cause I refuse to be another statistic to all of these lies,   I refuse to be another victim of this homicide. Everyday there's someone else committing that same crime but that stops NOW, Do you understand my state of mind?  I wanna make a change so let's all become a bit more wise . Let's all just get a little more drive and .. support the young man who's Trying to change him and his mommas life. I pray to God we all can look deeper inside and lift each other up and play on the same side. How can we grind if our team mates aren't cheering us on upon the side line ? How can we conquer anything if we're all legally blind? It's time we make a change and do something different in all of our lives.


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