Want a Piece of Mind? Have a Piece of Mine..

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 00:31 -- Shades8


I want to go inside the head of someone else
that way I can think thoughts that are beyond myself
I want to know what they know, see what they see,
I wonder if they even think about me.
Think of the secrets ill know and the stuff ill find,
pacing in and out the corridors of their mind

Imagine looking at the world through someone else's eyes,
looking at a different world through shifting tides.
See the truth, the lies, the wonder why's.
Feel the pain from the stain of the tears they cry.

I wonder what they think is false, and what they believe is real
I wonder, if, there is any pain they feel.
I know I do, you probably do too.
So let’s make an experiment, let’s take the time.
I look into yours, and you look through mine.

Would you call on me if I raised my hand?
I hope your answer will amaze me
I don’t know how and I don’t know why
but this world sure went crazy
Everything in the past, is fading fast, and I don’t know what to do
He says, don’t you quit, boy don’t give up
Make your dreams come true.

Get in my spaceship and we'll leave the ground,
I’ll take you to the world, in my dreams that I found.
I see it, but they all seem blind to me.
Thousands of seats yet they're all empty.

So why do we wish upon a shooting star?
If they are dead, in the past, and shoot away so far. 
If you have a dream then you gotta protect it,
work step by step, unravel, dissect it.
Don’t let anyone tell you there's something you can’t do,
Stand up, catch that star.
Make it come to you.

I want to sit on my porch and swing back in time,
then I wouldn’t have reason for these influenced rhymes.
Count the ten years, call them time well spent
like everything else in life, it must have came and went

Take a bus ride along where craft creek flows
to homes and fields where friendship grows.
Where laughter and smiles show a confident side
a happier me with no reason to hide.
But now the motion stops and the music subsides
it was fun while it lasted, 
now get off the ride.

Alone on this island, due to words unspoken.
I would cross a bridge but they have all been broken.
Earth quaking feeling, until it comes to a halt,
We fell through the cracks, and they're on my fault.

Roll the dice, to get ahead in this game
realizing that nothing will ever be the same
Should I go ahead, or take a few steps back
I can control the future, but I can’t control the past

the question why is something we all ask
but maybe the answer is just too much to grasp
a why for this and a why for that,
a why for the knife I got stuck in my back

I don’t know what to do, I have few words to say
I wish this all happened in a different way. 
I won’t stand for this, but I will never fall
This isn’t a game to win, so let’s call a drawl

...Cause I need this like Seattle needs rain,
I need a shoulder to wipe the stain.
If you’re scared of this, let me fight your fears
Take a look through my eyes, and try to fight these tears......



Another poet would have stopped write, there

But as for me, I have a secret to share.

I used to have reason for the anger and tears

But the good news is that it has been 5 years.

We look side to side but we never look up

We try to fill our needs as if HIS love’s not enough

We shadow ourselves behind our fear and mistakes

We all have problems, but only some have faith.

You search for that star, hoping your dreams come true

That star changed me, and he can save you too

If you are looking for the old me, I haven’t seen him since

But, if you are searching for peace, I am friends with the prince

If you’re locked in depression, his word is the key

Turn it to John 16, verse 33…



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