Wanna play?

The universe created you, made you my maker. You followed the breadcrumbs to the creation. Abandoned seed of failure, a beautiful risk to admire, appetite to reach the universal emotion, wasted years of blooming to rescue the putrefaction. Why not go back to ransom your salvation?

Could I apologize for being a horrendous combination of the ovum and the sperm?
Could the rejection of this existing child ask for forgiveness? And embrace the love of your majestic soul. I'd like to accept this ride as long as it is with you, I'd like to hold to the horns of this horrific bull?

Wanna play? Wanna feel the laugh, the increment of love, the sweetness of this fraud.
Those slaps of boredom of your hardworking hand. I LOVE YOU SO BAD! I don't ever wanna find your expiration tag.

Remember! Those saturdays nights, cozy bed, soft blanket and dogs everywhere, old music videos, piles of food and night stomach aches.
I remember your childhood tales, afternoons full of games , your white dreamed skates. I promise you, I'll find your beloved treasure someday. Remember! When I didn't want to come out of the womb, it was my safe and warm place, my vault of unconditional love, my shelter away from the vile old world.

How many times has he broken your heart? But how many more those gorgeous green eyes of yours have shone? You restless but kind, adventurous with a good tan. The old good Factory of the cherished memories, no time to forget, you didn't waste time in the yesterday. Your adored irreplaceable moments, the youth and the beach, the sun on your skin, how much do you miss those things?

How I wish time didn't think of you, our lives are defined for who suffers the most, time travels with insensitive speed, the blink of an eye and we won't be here. The infinite love, this undestroyable bond, let the grief keep us close, I LOVE YOU MOM!


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