Wanna know why we seem

Wanna know why we seem so shady?
Cuz everybody gotta be the same here lately. 
We striving to be different but playing to same part. 
That's what's tearing myself apart. 
We gotta hide behind the masks or they might see us blue,
Who knows someone else could be the same but we ain't got a clue. 
When we take away the masks we all feel exposed. 
Praying they understand we aren't always composed. 
Gotta be fake because they won't like the real me 
Because I don't even like whose in the mirror I see. 
You don't know the depth of my heart. 
And you don't even want to start.
Tearing down the walls I got built up 
So people like you won't spill my little confidence cup. 
It's best for me to stay hidden
Because being really open and true is seriously forbidden
One day we might open our eyes 
And realize we all the same under this blue sky. 
But for now I'll be apart of the plastic people 
Just chilling under a shiny plastic steeple 
Building up walls around my weakness so they don't have to see
A true monster, is really me. 


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