The Wander


The Wander is a nomad with a purpose. The Wander walks without fear.

I hold my heart close, knowing I can trust the tides of the waters rather than lips.

The Wander is free.

I let the breeze take my questions.

I am a mystery to most, my way of life is addictive.

I breathe the air scented of pine, as if the frost from my breath is sweet tobacco.

When I skids my hand against the sea, my fingers are intertwined with the current.

I think of him when the stars look like pin holes in a dark sheet.

He smiles knowing my so called madness touched him, never will he see with his old eyes.

He is the one that knows I am not a mystery but I hold the mysteries within.

I intrigues and excited the souls around.

The Wander has a mind that is untouched and clear.

The Wander constantly detoxifies his thoughts to resemble the silk of the sea.

The capacity of selfish minds makes me find his shelter under unknown trees.

I am a Wander.


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