The Rat


Walter and his rats hanging down on the Rio Wall .

They aren’t worried about much .

There’s not a long way for them to fall .

Buying beer for the teens , selling weed and some cocaine .

There’s a burned out restaurant in case it decides to rain .


Hey it’s a rough life just working on your tan .

It’s pretty simple just keep some gas in the van . 

Maybe steal a tape deck ... the tourist didn’t lock the car .

He knows every girl at the Seabreeze ... never drops a penny at the bar .

Pickled eggs and pigs feet mixed with whiskey neat.

It’s a good gig as long as he stays discrete .


He’s a legend and a loser a  coked out boozer .

Looks like Jesus in the eyes .

If you believe that you’re in for a surprise .

All the Cops and good kids know ... There’s a class of stoner who follows where he goes .

No one knows where he came from .... He was just there one day .

Dirty Levi’s Cords and faded flannel shirts .

Everything is bleached but that can’t hide the dirt .


He kind of looks like Charles when the Coke shows in his eyes .

It’s kind of scary , he makes a lot of teeny girls sigh .

He looks to be thirty but no one knows . 

The sun beats down and you just can’t tell .

One day it’s gonna catch up still he won’t tell .

He’s the mysterious man from hell .

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