Walls and Windmills

Some walls are unbreakable, called the walls of fear, Like losing a loved one, or speaking in front of your peers. Fear of being humiliated, fear of being shamed, If these walls are not broken, who am I to blame? Fear can be destructive, they tear you up inside, Fear is like a roller coaster, taking you for the ride, Why are my fears so controlling, telling me what to do? Just let me have my freedom, am I a slave to you? Fear is like a bully, and you are the outcast, It is like a lion coming at you, moving way too fast. Fears are our challenges, will we break the walls? Will we overcome them, or stumble and fall?  As the wind blows, the windmill spins and spins, Adapting to new settings, as though life just begins. New faces and new places, alone and brand new, Heart beating like a drum, no idea what to do. Little by little I open up, like a flower starts to bloom, The flower starts to close back up, entering the room. Silence fills the atmosphere, as quiet as day, The noise begins to amplify, still nothing to say. As the flower reopens at ease, it starts to multiply, From one flower to the first, why were you so shy? Like in spring, the flower starts to blend, Turns into a garden, everyday a new friend.  Day by day I gaze about, thinking of the past, Nine years now ten approaching, time went by so fast. You were here but now you're gone, on to a better place, Wish that you could be right here, just to see your face. Tears shed, grief comes, sadness and despair, The absence of your mellow voice, sadly fills the air. Even though the sun is out, it has never been so dark. Blackness fills the empty space, without you there is no spark. Gave me life and robbed of yours, from sickness that was there, Asked the Lord to take you home, the pain you could not bare. For every life there is a death, a lesson overcame, The windmill prevailed over the wind, life never remains the same! 


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