Fri, 03/22/2013 - 19:28 -- Sylver7

Steinmen, Rosa, MLK
The preachers and poets, championing a new era
Heroes far beyond their years
Instilled with wisdom
They cried blood and sweat and tears and pain
And still they kept up the fight
Brown, yellow, black, red
Fight for what is right in a place that pushes backwards
Move forward
Let’s give atonement to honor those dead
Who paved a way that seemed infeasible
A feat still not accomplished, but on its way
Let’s get behind our education
An escape from our lives to unite
Pick ourselves off of this ground
Learn what it means to be found
Let us not hate and hate another
Find in each other a brother, sister, mother, friend
No matter how they look or who they love
The walls that once separated women and men
Black and white
Gay and straight
Let them crumble around our feet
And never resume their infernal construction

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