Long brunette hair, and big brown eyes

A brain full of ideas

A heart full love

A smile that would be contagious

If only someone would pay attention.


She’s the girl you never really noticed in class

The one with her head buried in a book

Just waiting for the time to pass

The girl who has felt more pain in her 13 years of living

Then anyone would feel in their life

The girl that no matter what just keeps giving

Giving all her strength to walk out the door

When most would ask “What for?”

She’s the strongest thirteen year old you’d ever meet

If only someone would pay attention


Fast forward 3 years and now she's 16

Her hair dyed so many times the brunette is slowly fading

Her eyes that fall because of the lack of sleep

With big ideas and an even bigger heart

If only someone would pay attention


She’s the girl that knows a lot of people

but knows no one that truly understands

Surrounded by people who’d rather do something illegal

then sit and chill with a few close friends

She’s the girl that sits, smiles, and pretends

Pretends that she’s fine

And don’t try to suggest otherwise

cause she’ll never let you in

She’s the girl that hides out of fear

Fear of being hurt

Fear of shedding a tear

If only someone would pay attention


She is a wallflower

Someone who is in the background observing

She has so much to say but no one to listen

If people could just turn down the noise and listen for truth

See that there is so much more than a pretty face

There is so much more than someone who people could go to for a good time

If only she found someone to make her feel important

Then, everything would be different

If only someone would pay attention


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