Wall of Roses

Fri, 03/07/2014 - 10:13 -- Misnxo
Your tiny fists rolled before your release. 
Don't loose that grip. 
You're born sucking. 
Relying on my tit. 
I nourish you. 
Your tiny body listening to my heart. 
No kidding we look alike. 
We're cut from the same cloth. 
You scream. 
You ask. 
You develop. 
You fell. 
I hold you. 
Kiss you. 
Love you more then words. 
You made me well. 
You will cut your invisible cord. 
One day. 
It's hard to imagine. 
You'll be grown. 
My baby. 
You've help me more then you ever knew. 
You have punched the walls surrounding my heart. 
You weren't even born. 
You just grew. 
I love you. 
Never forget that. 
Eva Rose. You. 


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