Walking, Talking, Shit


 You watch me walk down the halls,

you know who I am. 

Don't you?

I guess you think you do, I'm that smart girl, 

maybe I'm that smart guy.

The one who's  dorky and smart,

Maybe I'm dark and alluring, 

shy off-standish, 

overly hyper, ditsy, blonde,

dark hair, and skin, maybe I'm of a different ethnicity, 

pagan, overly sad?

Angry? Outgoing? Piercings? Tattoos?

Or maybe I'm a guy wishing I was with my boyfriend? 

Hoping someday I won't have to hide our love....

Maybe I'll be dead tomorrow? 

Drinking, driving, texting, bullied, murdered, killed myself?

I might be out of the ordinary, I break the stereotypes,

and and I'm hyper, I love to move and be happy!

What if I do it to hide from the judgement, stay low, normal.

Maybe I have a lot of anger and everyone says to be calm?

Can I not jsut be allowed to freak out and be me? To be free?!

Do I not learn right?! Look right? Worship right? Love right?!

Do you not want it get to involved or care? Because I don't fit what's right?

Maybe you could have been the one to help me, 

or maybe I needed some encouragement.

What if I am a girl, who is a ballet queen but wants to be a football star?

Or I'm a football star, but I want to be a mathematician!

Maybe, I am technically over wear and want to be a model?

Or I'm not skinny I'm actually anorexic,

but I want to be healthy someday, have a baby.

All of us, we give you these faces of us. 

You think you know us.

Maybe that teen mom was raped, scared that she'd always be alone in life. 

Or that shy kid, maybe he wanted to be a girl, and sing in the school choir.

Or that hyper kid, maybe they wanted to become a poet?

Are you going to toss us all aside and say,

"Thats just kids these days"

No, I don't want to be a number, just another, I am me. 

I am something more than that stupid walk and talk you like me to do.

I am more than the picture I put out there for you, I am me.

I dont need extra judgement. 

I need you to help me,

see that I.

I am something greater, that I don't need to change myself to do it, 

encourage me, don't try to stifle me to stereotypes.

See that I'm something more 

and don't stand by

when you see I'm being hurt,

help me. 

Don't let me keep walking, and talking shit.

Help me be me. 














Guide that inspired this poem: 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very powerful words you use in expressing yourself

i felt the emotion behind this poem

very potent and sincere

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