Walking In the Shoes of a Black Person


United States
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Imagine walking shoeless with nothing to protect your feet
Being judged on the color of your skin
Or having to move to the back of the bus just to take a seat
Having to go to a less fortunate school
Being picked on and teased and just treated very cruel
Imagine having different water fountains labeled “for blacks” or “for whites”
Or a simple walk down the street turning into a deadly fight
Think about the different neighborhoods at hand
Barely making it black and the rich white people that spit tobacco in cans
What about the riots and the many blacks that lost their lives.
What about the lynching and hangings that were done in fives.
Are you wondering when things will get better or if things will turn around?
If people will no longer be judged because ones skin is white and the others is brown?
Will somebody step up and take the lead?
Yes, somebody did and he went by Dr Martin Luther King
He was a powerful speaker, a very smart man
He led his race proudly, being as strong as he could
He took a stand in the civil rights movement
Providing the world with its most biggest change
He spoke amongst millions with only a mic and a few words at hand
Martin, Martin what a very intelligent man
But his life came to a tragic end after being assonated by an angry white man.
With his absence things didn’t change,
Black people came together and continued the fight in honor of his name
But it wasn’t only him there were many others,
Like Rosa Parks, Ella Baker, and the Woolworth lunch counter brothers.
As you can tell black people never had it easy
But we’ve managed to stay strong and continued the fight for justice and equality
So that we all are treated equal.

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