Walking Down Roads

Some people categorize life by events

Some by time

But I see it by people

And the emotions they let me make mine.


When thinking about childhood

I’m spirited, amused, and bright

I must be remembering the hide-and-seek games

We used to play at night.


High school was stressful,

But all the more pleasant

Picking a dress was hard,

But going to prom with you was the greatest present.


My twenties were a time

Of finding myself and feeling confused

But that was because

I kept thinking about a greater future with you.


Engagement, marriage, pregnancy flew by

I cannot begin to explain the joy I felt in my life

You were there every step of the way

Through all the happy moments, and through all the strife.


Though we became older and frailer

I felt younger than ever

Must have been because I was still falling deeply in love with you

With no regard for the passing of time whatsoever.


But now you’re gone.


I said I organized my life by the people in it

But really, you were the only one who truly defined it.

All my experiences have ties to your life

And to what you made me feel, your forever loving wife.


I continue to live, love, and remember.


On warm, sunny days

I feel happy, loved, and true

I remember all the times

I spent walking down roads with you.

This poem is about: 
My family


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