Walking in the desert is like dancing

Walking in the desert is an act of complete awarenesss,

You are a visitor

You must tread lightly 

The desert demands respect, you hapazardly and carelessly step, you will be pricked, you will be stung

The desert will force you to slow down


Walking in the desert is like dancing

You nimbly and fluidly shimmy,

Contort tiptoe around the terrain

You backbend to avoid a cactus above your head, you inch your way forward, you seek haven on nearby rocks, jumping to and fro

a balancing act


the desert takes you outside of your thoughts and into your vessel

your body in tune  already, before your mind can even fathom

muscle memory kicks in and your body instinctually and fluidly goes through the motions


walking in the desert is like dancing 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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