Walking To Blue Cars

Fri, 07/11/2014 - 22:29 -- nnnstar

Walking To Blue Cars
An exhausted mother gently lifted her child out of his crib and cradled her small baby boy with periwinkle eyes that fluttered like butterfly wings.

Fascinated by the sky-blue toy dangling above him, the tiny child stretched out his hand as his parents happily danced around the room.

Active and curious, the lanky explorer braved barefooted the blue-green pond that reeked of decaying corpses; he discovered a minute stone that sparkled like tin, as well as dirtied his feet.

Whispering softly, his father held out his electric blue backpack, pressed a sapphire notebook into his hand, and thrust him into the driveway—just as the bright yellow bus appeared.

As the boy raised his hand to answer the teacher’s question, a girl with steel blue eyes cruelly drove the tip of a cerulean pen into his back; once the teacher turned her back, other students forcefully hurled balls of royal blue paper at him.

Years later, a group of four muscular athletes surrounded the boy, forced him to the ground with kicks and punches, as well as diminished his self-esteem with cruel words; just as darkness threatened to envelop him, he noticed a petite teal stone fall out of his pocket.

The livid teenager angrily slammed his dainty fist into the bathroom mirror; as blood spurted out of his hand, he grabbed a pair of cobalt blue scissors and aggressively hacked off his unruly black hair.

Almost forting at the mouth, the boy repeatedly slammed the chipped prussian blue door shut, just as his mother wrapped his scar-covered body in a hug; he shook out of her grip, ran up to his room, and quietly wrote a letter in twilight colored ink.

To stop the perpetual feeling of melancholy, the boy walked into the street as rain poured out of the blue-black sky; suddenly, he smiled as four thousand pounds of navy blue steel brutally tossed his limp body seven feet in the air.

Mourning their son’s death, the boy’s parents quickly spread his blue-grey ashes on the gold sand; like a predator searching for its next meal, gargantuan midnight blue waves stretched out their white tipped hands and pulled the boy’s ashes into the sea.


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