Walking Blind

I am the one with the disability
and yet you are the one who really cannot see
The world is larger than you and I
Can you not see why minds must diversify?
Our world spins faster than we can think
And the way people are change with each blink
Babies are born
The old pass away
and yet you focus on me?
No way.
Open your mind to those different from you
They're as different as volcanoes and the ocean blue.
I cannot walk, for my legs are missing
But your legs are fine, and yet you do not move,
your mind refuses to proceed.
The next time you look around, I hope that you see
How beautiful this world is, each blade of grass, each tree.
I know it seems silly to compare you to me
But the world brought us together, 
We may be different people,
but we're the same on the inside
it's true, can't you see?
This poem is about: 
Our world


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