Walk of Salvation

Walk of Salvation: by Justice Jordan

Red wooden wagons lined up a street one mid-day.

One in flames began burning and fading away.

I looked in one filled with pills,

another, full of elegant dresses with silk hems

and filled with sparkling gems


One loaded with diamonds, emeralds, and pearls,

but I knew they were only riches of the world.

Wagons went a blaze as we passed one at a time.

The smokey bewilderment surged into my mind,

but a reassuring breeze put all worries behind


“Where are we going?” I asked again and again.

We near a white and gold, intertwining strobing light at the end.

Then, with a loving look, ‘til this day, I still endeavor,

she said, “Home to be with my Father forever.”

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