Walk A Mile For Two Yards

I lose myself in my words
I hold my heart to the sky
I lost myself to the world
My heads still held high
Thoughts from a dream
A dream where people who tell lie after lie after lie after lie
Are surprised that they still see the afterlife when they die,
But Then they realize they're alive
Does someone still believe in them, even if they've never tried
To devise a plan to touch the sky
From the Earth the Universe looks like
An impossibility to the human eye
Faulty structures, lost momentum, in the moment that I notice that the world is mine,
But if I rely on the notion that the world is mine,
Then the actions I've chosen will try to satisfy my own selfish design
I'll become devoted to my own desires,
Until I'm reminded that their is a higher life
One that I strive to reach, I try to see, the light that he created with the life in me.
Aside from that I'd like to be, the guy that she, seeks guidance from, where I'm the One, that speaks the truth, from me to you.
The wall between us, the screen is shattered, you who's reading, your mind is scattered, but does it matter?
Your mind was lost before it broke, I wrote our life between the death of us and the antidote,
In hopelessness I wrote a note.
'I love you
In all your highs and lows
My eyes are open
To your dreams and goals'
Then it ends,
I send it to the friend, who I thought was more than a friend, but again she pretends that it's not real,
she says the way I feel is temporary, those deadly words that dig my grave.
Even then I became a slave to you, enraged at you,
I played along, gave into everything that you are,
Get so close, but I'm too far.
Meet me in the woods at the schoolyard,
Take a walk through the trees is it too hard,
Kiss me just to catch me off guard,
So he can walk for a mile just to find where we stand and put a bullet through my heart from two yards.


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