Walk Like A King


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What would it take for every adolescent in this room to get a spark?
A famous person, a teacher, or bright dreams and wishes fading to dark
No, if you want to be great it’s the little things.
The little things stacked on top of each other, that makes greatness everything.
From schoolwork, to coming to class on time, yes ma’am/ no ma’am, wearing pants above your waist and normal length shorts or skirts that when people see you they represent you as queens and kings because you walk as queens and kings.
And until you set your mind to think as such then you will stay where everyone else is at.
Ray Lewis and Stan “Tookie” Williams taught me a lot this year, after my worst school year that a change that a change will take me from where I’m at.
That I had to grind come the 2012-2013 school year.
And sure enough I made that change with fear.
Determined with full will, I now walk as a king.
And I’m here to show the tools to success are everything.

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