Walk for the Divine Fruit

I find myself sleeping a deep sleep that I don’t want to wake up from.

On a bed of clouds, I float.






My slumber is compromised, and as I reach for my dagger, but see it’s him. My son.

I quickly subside my anger and hear his words.


He inquires.

He wants to know.

He wants to learn.

He wants the divine fruit.


At once my other son, my wife’s world, comes up and asks the same.


He inquires.

He wants to know.

He wants to learn.

He wants MY LOVE


I want to sleep but they don’t understand that a father needs his rest too.

But I know the only way to get them to leave me so I can return to my dreams is to do this.

I tell them whoever can circle around the world, three times, and comes back to my feet first, wins the divine fruit.


My first son immediately jumps on his golden chariot, and flies around the world as fast as he can.

Suprisingly, my second son, started walking around me.


”What are you doing”, I inquire.
He remarks, ”You are my world father, therefore I will walk around you”


By the time my first son comes back, my second one had attained the divine fruit.


My first son felt cheated but alas, it was only fair.

My second son gave the fruit to his elder brother as it wasn’t the fruit he cared for, but my love.


Now I love my children very dearly, and I believe that with a fathers blessing, they will go far.

But for now, I will sleep and become enshrouded in my dreams.



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