Walk Alone

I begin to wonder if I could stay until the end

If my light could shine until the final aim

I’m trying and trying again

Until I feel my light slowly fade

But the moment I stumble

You are near.

I walk alone in an empty night

Each step deeper, each step harder

My faith falters and my strength is gone

I mutter in silence an ultimate prayer

Will you hear me, Lord Almighty?

Will you pity this desperate soul?

I whisper

You listen.

Finally, I take a deep breath

My eyes are closed and I let it go

I give up.

A second before I hit the hard ground,

I feel two strong arms full of love

“I hear you, I see you, and I know you” He whispers

“I know what you have done and what you will do”

I know.

He kisses my head and holds my hand

I won’t ever walk alone.



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