Waking up to Power


The alarm goes off.

My sheets fly off me and my feet hit the ground running.

My family wakes up.

Mom is putting on her uniform and dad puts on his collar.

My house comes to life. 

Dad makes the morning call while I make the rooms neat and tidy.

The neighborhood wakes up. 

I see my neighbors fly past the windows, trying to get everything inspection ready.

Transportation makes its way down the street.

Dad, Mom, and I stand on the sidewalk with the rest of my neighborhood.

The doors open.

My nightmares have finally been relized as I make my way to the back.

The quite surrounds us.

No one says a word as we make our way to judgement.

Transportation stops out side the building.

Everyone gets up and walks away from the cage on wheels.

The buildings gates open.

People walk up to the building with their heads down.

The guard beckons us inside.

Mom, Dad, and I take our seats near the middle of the room.

The guard starts to speak.

At least church will end soon and I can go back to my normal life. 


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