Wake up America.

On the day of that fateful election day 

One single decision conceived rewrote our country's destiny 

Should the illegal immigrants continue to stay?

Many disagree but others surely screamed in ecstasy.


It may sound extreme but the plan is correct 

We are in danger and America needs to fight ISIS 

With foreign policy strengthened there will be great effect 

The past president was great but still we struggled in crisis.  


Up until now the middle class was neglected

Obamacare did work a bit but definitely not forever 

The cons outweighed the benefits and people were spiraling in debt as expected

Trump will make this country great again and result will come from his endeavor.


America needs to be more conservative to rise once again

The economy and unemployment rate is not in good shape today  

We must give full support to our new leader who will make us gain

The happiness and prosperity that we deserve every day.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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